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The YouGov political team highlights some key findings from the new MRP results

After much anticipation, YouGov’s official 2019 general election MRP model is here. The model, which called 93% of seats correctly in 2017, currently shows the Conservatives on course for a sizable majority.

Were the election held tomorrow, the Tories would win 359 seats (42 more than they took in 2017) and 43% of the vote (around the same as last time). In terms of seats won, this would be the Conservatives’ best performance since 1987.

Meanwhile, Labour are set to lose 51 seats – falling from 262 seats in 2017 to 211 now – and taking 32% of the vote (a nine percentage point decrease). In terms of seats won this would be the party’s worst performance since 1983.

Below are some of the main take-outs from YouGov’s 2019 general election MRP model.















Source text: YouGov

Source image: Pexels