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Strategic marketing agency

ConsumerView is a strategic marketing agency that always starts from the consumers’ perspective. With this we help organizations with a ‘customer-first’ focus for every business decision. We are constantly focused on translating needs and trends into solutions for a client.


More than ever, it is important for entrepreneurs in agri & food to look ahead and think. The connection with the social, political and economic agendas on the one hand and developments at consumer level on the other present many challenges. We would like to create clarity in direction, approach and execution together with you. You stand strong with distinguished positioning.


With our years of experience with growers, exporters and retailers, you can count on a decisive and consumer-oriented approach, in addition to specific market and product knowledge. We don’t sell thick reports, but action points that you can get started with right away.

Data analysis & visualisation

Making data-led decisions and sharing information efficiently is key in the rapidly changing business environment.

Education & training

Our world is changing at an exceptionally high pace and you must keep up!



Successful communication starts with listening carefully to your customers and shoppers.

Project management

Together we’ll progress further. Our specialists are ready to strengthen your team.

Flowers & Food

We are active in the markets of ‘flowers & food’: from bulb to flower and from seed to pork chop. We have experience with companies from all over the supply chain. This allows us to understand the whole ‘game’ from greenhouse to consumer. The consumer’s needs are always our starting point.

Stronger together

We believe in the power of collaboration. ConsumerView collects, edits and shares knowledge, enabling our customers and our customers to achieve faster. In addition, we work with partners who complement us or who we complement. So we always have the right expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of services to completely unburden you.

Roots in fresh and retail

In 2002 we started ConsumerView, based on a passion for fresh and retail. Together we have gained many years of experience at companies in manufacturing, trade, food service and retail.

Learn by listening

Really listening is an art. By telling you remember what you already know. That’s why we try to listen as much as we can. We listen to market developments, trends and developments in retail and we listen to consumers and customers who buy your products. Or don’t buy it yet.

Sharing knowledge

Of course, we like to share everything we learn with you, so that you’re one step ahead of your competitors. Take a look at our expertise or just make an appointment with one of our marketers. We’d love to come and listen to your challenges.

ConsumerView Ltd.
4 Farthings Fold, Hanthorpe, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0RN, United Kingdom