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The project aims to help customers on a budget and minimise food waste.

Morrisons supermarket has announced it will be the first in the UK to sell goods beyond their “best before” date with items worth £10 available for purchase at £3.09.

Working in collaboration with the food waste app Too Good to Go, customers will be able to purchase items as part of a new discount box scheme.

Following a successful trial, vegetables, fruit, bakery and delicatessen items will all be available for sale as part of the new scheme in all 494 branches nationwide from Tuesday.

Boxes are pre-packed meaning that customers will not know of the contents until they collect them from their local shop.

Morrisons expects the scheme to dispense 350,000 food boxes in 2020, which it claims will reduce CO2 emissions by 882 tonnes – the equivalent of driving from London to Edinburgh 5,351 times.

In the UK, we throw away around 10 million tonnes of food worth around £20 billion, according to WRAP, a leading UK sustainability watchdog.

Like many supermarkets, Morrisons has pledged to reduce operational food waste by 50 per cent by 2030.

Source text: Independent

Source image: Too Good To Go