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UK shoppers set to spend over £60bn online this year

Geplaatst in Economie, Retail op maandag 9 mei 2016

09-05-2016 | The average British online consumer will spend £1,311 this year, the highest in Europe, according to research by the Centre for Retail Research.

The study, which was carried out on behalf of RetailMeNot, focused on ecommerce and mobile commerce trends across ten key global markets (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, UK and US).

The research discovered that, as well as topping the European table for amount spent online, UK shoppers also lead the way in purchases on a mobile device.

Truly an online nation
The new data established that online and mobile payments would be responsible for over a third (36%) of all UK retail sales this year. The research also found that the average transaction value would surpass £60 for the first time – a European high.

Surge in uptake of handheld shopping
The UK’s status as an online nation was reinforced by the finding that over a third (36%) of Brits are as likely to turn to their mobile devices as their desktop computers to make an online purchase, dwarfing the 25% of mobile device sales in Europe.

The research also predicted that British consumers would spend over £20bn on mobile devices in 2016, with an average annual mobile spend of £908 per customer – higher than both the average in the United States (£781) and Europe (£554).

Blurred lines
The investigation also concluded that consumers are increasingly blurring the lines of online and offline shopping.

“What this research shows us is that consumers want the most convenient shopping experience possible,” said Giulio Montemagno, senior vice president international at RetailMeNot.

Shoppers are either researching online before visiting a bricks and mortar shop, or “showrooming” – using mobile devices to find deals when they are in-store.

“For retailers to capitalise on this, it is important for them to continue making the shopper experience as trustworthy and as seamless as possible,” added Montemagno. “This reinstates the need to prioritise the idea of the omnichannel experience – making it as simple as possible for consumers to access the same deals and experience both on and offline.”

The research further supports the growing importance of eCommerce for businesses, especially the need for businesses to optimise for mobile.


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